If you have already arranged for housing, this part should be easy.  In some cases, it may be necessary to first report to the Real Estate Office or Property Management Company to obtain keys and sign all necessary paperwork. If your employer has arranged your housing, contact them as soon as you arrive to see what you need to do to get there if you do not already have this information.

If you have not secured housing prior to arrival, you should first look into arranging temporary accommodations at a hotel/motel where you can stay for a few days while you find permanent housing.  You may also ask your employer for suggestions or to put you in touch with other employees who may need a roommate. 

Things you should know......residential rental units located inside the city's Rental Inspection Districts must be inspected and must receive a satisfactory certificate of compliance from the city's Code Enforcement Division. You may contact the Code Enforcement Division at (757)385-4421 to inquire as to whether a property is required to be inspected or if a certificate of compliance has already been issued. Note: Certificates of compliance are not issued for hotels and motels. These establishments are required to be inspected annually under a different program.   

If you are looking for housing on your own, start here by viewing our ISOP postings.  All postings located within the Rental Inspection District have been inspected and a copy of the Certificate of Compliance has been furnished to an ISOP representative prior to being listed. 

You can also start by looking in the local papers in the Classified Ads for rental opportunities. Websites like www.craigslist.org and www.apartments.com are also a  resource.  Resort-area housing tends to be expensive during the high season so talk to other International students to find reasonable options. 

Regarding Summer Rentals          
1.Be sure to pay your rent on time or you risk being evicted. 
2.Properties will require a security deposit, which will be returned to the main leaseholder at the completion of the rental. If there are any damages to the property outside normal wear and tear, this may result in a deduction from the total deposit.
3.Please adhere to property occupancy limits and parking rules as set forth in the lease agreement.
4.The tenant is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the property for the duration of the lease.
5.In the unlikely event that the tenant violates community/city ordinances and/or becomes objectionable to neighbors and/or creates damage to the leased property, the property manager at his or her sole discretion may evict the tenant(s) immediately.
6.Tenants may be responsible for utility expenses such as electric, phone and/or cable. Please review your lease to see which utilities you are responsible to pay.

10 Great Housing Tips
1.Try to not to rent alone.  It is best to find a roommate before you arrive.
2.Bring your own sheets with you.
3.It is better to have housing reserved before you arrive but it is not always possible.  You can always stay a couple of nights in a cheap motel or hostel before you secure your housing.
4.Housing isn’t cheap and you usually need a little more money at the beginning to pay for deposits, come prepared with extra money for the beginning of your stay.
5.Don’t expect luxury, housing will be more like college dormitory style.
6.ASK YOUR FRIENDS AND PEERS FOR ADVICE.  It is especially helpful to ask students from your university who have been to Virginia Beach before to see if they have any ideas for housing providers.
7.The condition of your housing depends on YOU.  Students should not complain that their housing is not clean if they are not cleaning up after themselves.  Create a cleaning schedule for your roommates to follow.
8.Students should NEVER pay rent with cash.  Please use a check or money order and require that you get a receipt for your payment.
9.Students should CLEARLY understand their lease agreements before signing and get a copy of the lease for you to keep.
10.  Ask your landlord about utilities, are they included, is there an internet connection?

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